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5S Plus Safety for Healthcare (com_000_01846)
Introduce 5S plus Safety.

Describe its overall purpose and benefits in Healthcare.

Identify the phases of its process.

Drill down to discuss key objectives.

Tools or methods used to reach those objectives, and the benefits achieved.
Current State Value Stream Mapping for Healthcare (com_000_01838)
Describe a Current State Value Stream Map, and discuss its purpose.

Walk through the steps of creating a Current State Value Stream Map.

Identify commonly used symbols.

Describe how metrics are collected and represented.
Eight Wastes for Healthcare (com_000_01847)
Describe Value Add versus Non-Value Add activities and explain why they are important in a Lean implementation.

Identify the Eight Wastes and discuss why they are a primary focus during Lean implementation.

Describe each of the Eight Wastes in detail and give examples.
Error Proofing for Healthcare (com_000_01676)
Define Error Proofing from a Lean perspective.

Describe the benefits a healthcare organization can expect.

Discuss how it can improve patient safety and service quality while reducing failures and omissions.

Understand and be able to apply the 6-Step error proofing process
Explain how to implement Error Proofing for healthcare processes.
Flow and Pull Systems for Healthcare (com_000_01875)
Define Continuous or One Piece Flow and the introductory aspects of Pull Systems.

Explain where to implement Pull Systems, discuss how they enable effective flow of information and materials, and identify which tools are best suited for various office and healthcare environments.

Explain how to apply Pull Systems in a comprehensive and systematic way.
Future State Value Stream Mapping for Healthcare (com_000_01839)
Define a Future State Value Stream Map and describe its purpose.

Define and calculate Takt Time, and discuss its role in Value Stream Mapping.

Demonstrate how to analyze a Current State Value Stream Map to create a Future State Value Stream Map.

Discuss how to enable flow and develop Pull.
Introduction to Lean for Healthcare (com_000_01842)
Explain why the implementation of Lean is vital to the continuous improvement of a healthcare system.

Discuss the basics of the Lean improvement methodology.

Discuss the five key principles of Lean and how they work in a healthcare environment.
Kaizen Event for Healthcare (com_000_01874)
Define Kaizen Event and discuss its purpose and application.

Explain how Kaizen Events can provide rapid organizational benefits and accelerate the execution of larger initiatives.

Walk you through the structured approach for running Kaizen Events in healthcare processes.
Standard Work for Healthcare (com_000_01866)
Define Standard Work from a Lean perspective and discuss its benefits.

Explain why it is the basis for improvement.

Explain how to create, implement and improve Standard Work for healthcare processes.
Visual Management for Healthcare (com_000_01871)
Define Visual Management and describe its purpose and benefits in healthcare.

Introduce the three characteristics of Visual Management Self Explaining, Self Regulating, and Self Improving and discuss why they are important.

Describe the difference between Visual Controls and Visual Displays, giving examples of each.
Workplace Design for Healthcare (com_000_01872)
Describe how Lean Workplace Design differs from traditional approaches and discuss its benefits to a healthcare organization.

Show how it is used to improve quality and reduce lead times.

Explain how to create effective Workplace Design for Healthcare processes.
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